Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is Labor Day The Last Big Grilling Event Of The Year?

Labor Day is the second largest cookout event of the year in the United States. However, more and more people have now turned to year round grilling and it no longer signifies the official end of the outdoor cooking season.

Tradition dictates that cooking on an open flame is synonymous with summer holidays. As Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer, a lot of people take this opportunity to mix up fun summertime food, festivities and socializing. But, just because the kids are heading back to school and Christmas items are showing up in stores doesn't mean it's time to pack up the patio furniture and barbecue. You can always relive that summertime fun anytime with a freshly cooked meal straight from the grill.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Throw A BISTRO Tailgate Party's football season! And there's nothing more American than bonding with friends, family and your fellow football loving fans at a tailgate party. Professional, college, or even high-school - the party's on! Whether you're at the stadium or in your back yard, this is the perfect combination of sports, food and fun. There is a science to tailgating however, and here are some tips to help you organize your tailgate - the BISTRO way.

Create The Atmosphere

Organizing the perfect tailgating party involves planning. Your first priority should be to reflect the energetic environment that will be surrounding the game. Get pumped up!

Wear The Colors

Show support for your team in every possible way. Face painting, car decorating, flags, bumper stickers, jerseys, name it. You can go "buckwild" without embarrassing anyone. It's time to 'Represent'!

The Main Menu

Now we're talking. Food is by far the most important ingredient for a successful tailgate. Your team might be losing by a boatload, but it won't matter if you've supplied enough food to keep bellies full.

Tailgate food staples are mainly grill based; they should include Better Than A Bistro Sirloin Burgers, Flamig Farm Steak Dogs and Baby Back Ribs. Whoever heard of a vegetarian tailgate anyway?

One of the best foods to center your tailgate around is sausages. They're easy to cook and easy to eat. Grill up some Better Than A Bistro Hot Italian Sausages or Sweet Italian Sausages.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BISTRO Food For Thought

"There cannot be a New Beginning To A Healthy Lifestyle without there first being an end to the old one"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lisa Lynn Endorses Better Than A Bistro!

Renown Metabolic Weight Loss and Performance Nutrition Specialist, Lisa Lynn, has put her stamp of approval on Better Than A Bistro!

"I trust only the best for my family and Better Than A Bistro does just that, making it easy to serve Healthy, Quick and Easy meals every day. With great products and great people who care about providing the absolute best for families I wholeheartedly not only endorse and recommend, but am proud to be a client of Better Than A Bistro. And, you should be too!" - Lisa Lynn

With 25 years of devoted practice to the fields of personal training and health and wellness, Lisa is a one-of-a-kind expert in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. Her education includes four certificates from the International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA) including Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Fitness Therapy, and Elite Trainer from The Professional Division of ISSA.

Best known for her 13 years as personal trainer of Martha Stewart who said, “Lisa is the only trainer that made a difference. She not only preaches what to do, she lives it.” Lisa is a regular guest as nutrition and fitness expert on NBC’s The Dr. Oz Show, The Martha Stewart Show, FOX News, News 8 Connecticut and Sirius Radio where she has inspired and equipped millions of viewers to lose weight and maintain their results through healthier lifestyles.

Lisa has also been prominently featured as an expert in the following publications: Dr. Oz Blog, Martha Stewart Living, Share Care, Iron Man, Fitness Magazine, Muscle Magazine, Muscle Media, Physique Forum, Performance Press and American Health.

And now, Lisa recommends Better Than A Bistro as the one-stop online source for quality food, delivered to the home, adding convenience and dining excellence to the daily routine.

School Lunch Advice For Kids Of All Ages

Try the tips below to make your child's lunch healthy and worth looking forward to.

For home-packed lunches:
  • Avoid the morning rush by preparing lunch the night before and chilling it in the refrigerator.
  • Put slices of tomatoes in a separate bag or container so they don't make sandwiches soggy.
  • Instead of potato or corn chips, pack a healthier alternative like veggie chips, bagel rounds, or baked tortilla crisps.
  • Round out the meal with kid-sized veggies - baby carrots, celery sticks, or broccoli florets - and a low-fat or fat-free dip.
  • Low-fat, high fiber mini muffins make a great dessert alternative to cupcakes or high-fat cookies.
  • Use a cookie cutter to transform a plain square sandwich into something unique.
  • Turn a container of low-fat yogurt into a complete meal by sending along some stir-ins like granola, trail mix, unsalted chopped nuts, or whole grain cereal.
  • Consider alternatives to sandwich bread like burger buns, pita rounds, soft tortillas, and large lettuce leaves (for a no-sog wrap for savory fillings).

For school cafeteria lunches:
  • Look over the cafeteria menu with your child ahead of time. Try to agree on items your child likes and that are healthy.
  • Early in the school year, try to arrange to have lunch with your child at the cafeteria. Use this as an opportunity to model your own healthy food choices.
  • Ask the school's parent-teacher group to arrange a presentation by the food service department. Express your interest in ensuring that healthy food choices be offered in school cafeterias and vending machines. 

Advice and tips for safe brown bag lunches

To prevent food-related illness, follow the guidelines below when preparing and packing brown bag lunches.

Watch the temperature. Harmful bacteria grow best between 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F, so it's important to keep perishable foods outside this danger zone as much as possible. Foods susceptible to bacterial growth - especially high protein foods like meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, and eggs - should never be in the danger zone for more than two hours (one hour in warm weather conditions). Foods destined for the lunch box should be kept in the refrigerator until just before your child leaves for school.

Back To School - The BISTRO Way

It's that time again - Back To School. As hard as we try to provide healthy meals and snacks for our kids they're only healthy is the kids eat them. Here's a great alternative that is packed with flavors kids love, and the critical protein, whole grains, and vitamins they need daily to be at their best.

The BISTRO Chicken Panini (makes 2 sandwiches)

Featuring: Better Than A Bistro Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets

  • 2 grilled Better Than A Bistro Antibiotic Free Chicken Cutlets (you may shred chicken if desired)
  • 2 slices cooked bacon
  • 4 slices bread
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon pesto
  • 2 slices of your favorite cheese
  1. Heat a George Foreman grill or panini maker
  2. Spread butter on one side of each piece of bread
  3. Flip 2 pieces of bread over. Spread 1/2 tablespoon of pesto on the un-buttered side of each slice of bread. Top with bacon, chicken, then cheese.
  4. Top with the remaining 2 slices of bread, buttered sides facing out. Grill the panini sandwiches until golden. 
Cut sandwiches in half and wrap tightly in foil as soon as they're ready. By lunch time they will still be warm.

NOTE: Make sure to look at our post about School Lunch Advice For Kids Of All Ages for helpful tips to make lunch time stress free, health, and worth looking forward to.